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 +We have been attacking the many myths and misinformation created by the internet through out our websites
 +Topics: conspiracy theories, myths, urban legends, misinformation
 +http://​guru42.org/​blog/​beyond-myths-and-legends-and-reasons-hate  ​
 +Tesla fanboys use the internet to promote their mythological geek folk hero  \\ 
 +Nikola Tesla elevated to the status of mythological folk hero #Geek #​History ​ \\  ​
 +There is an abundance of conspiracy theories on the internet \\ 
 +Too many internet myths and legends The truth is out there #Geek #History \\ 
 +http://​guru42.org/​blog/​geek-history-exposes-myths-and-misinformation-behind-urban-legends ​
 +I see many people in search of answers who fall for the myths \\ 
 +Sadly people become members of cults and don't even realize it \\ 
 +http://​questy.us/​blog/​my-cult-will-show-you-truth-just-conspiracy ​
 +I really wish all the problem in life were as simple as Facebook memes \\   
 +If only our problems were as simple as the Facebook memes tell us \\  ​
 +I cringe every time I hear someone say "​Google it." \\
 +The internet doesn'​t lie, does it? \\ 
 +Utopian commune in the jungle turns deadly: A crazy lunatic drinking the Kool-Aid \\ 
 +The cult of Nikola Tesla and FBI conspiracy theories \\ 
 +The 30,000 foot view of the 800 pound gorilla \\ 
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