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 +Why is QWERTY misunderstood?​
 +There’s a somewhat related theory that credits Remington’s pre-merger business tactics with the popularization of QWERTY. Remington didn’t just produce typewriters,​ they also provided training courses – for a small fee, of course. Typists who learned on their proprietary system would have to stay loyal to the brand, so companies that wanted to hire trained typists had to stock their desks with Remington typewriters. ​
 +Read more: https://​www.smithsonianmag.com/​arts-culture/​fact-of-fiction-the-legend-of-the-qwerty-keyboard-49863249/​
 +The Kyoto paper suggests that the typewriter keyboard evolved over several years as a direct result of input provided by these telegraph operators.
 +Read more: https://​www.smithsonianmag.com/​arts-culture/​fact-of-fiction-the-legend-of-the-qwerty-keyboard-49863249/ ​
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