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From GeekHistory II:

Learn the names of the geeks that discovered electricity and contributed to the development of AC power

Who discovered electricity? | http://geekhistory.xyz/content/who-discovered-electricity

Who contributed to the development of electricity and AC power | European inventors before Edison and Tesla | George Westinghouse looks to Europe http://geekhistory.xyz/content/who-contributed-development-electricity-and-ac-power

Who is responsible for electricity and AC power in our homes| The War of Currents Westinghouse Electric engineers | http://geekhistory.xyz/content/who-responsible-electricity-and-ac-power-our-homes

Thomas Edison launched the modern electric utility industry | Explore geek pioneers from Edison Electric to General Electric http://geekhistory.xyz/content/thomas-edison-launched-modern-electric-utility-industry

From GeekHistory:

Learn the stories of the geeks that contributed to the development electricity

Thomas Alva Edison prolific inventor and legendary lunatic http://geekhistory.com/content/thomas-alva-edison-prolific-inventor-and-legendary-lunatic

Nikola Tesla the legacy of the most interesting geek in the world http://geekhistory.com/content/nikola-tesla-legacy-most-interesting-geek-world

George Westinghouse a unique mix of inventor and industrialist http://geekhistory.com/content/george-westinghouse-unique-mix-inventor-and-industrialist

George Westinghouse used Tesla power to defeat Edison in Currents War http://geekhistory.com/content/george-westinghouse-used-tesla-power-defeat-edison-currents-war

Pittsburgh at the forefront of technology inventions and innovation | George Westinghouse planted the seed of innovation in Pittsburgh | War of Currents goes through Pittsburgh http://geekhistory.com/content/pittsburgh-forefront-technology-inventions-and-innovation

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