Nikola Tesla July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943 - Serbian American inventor

The creepy side of Tesla

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PBS Tesla Master of Lightning

One of the best overall references on Tesla, seems to jump around at times but covers all the main points in Tesla's life. Some of the scenes look the same as ones in a Westinghouse documentary.

Nikola Tesla Biography ETHW

NAT GEO documentary 2015- Edison vs Tesla - American Genius

Nikola Tesla, The Electrical Experimenter, Volume VI, No. 70, February, 1919

Top 11 Things You Didn't Know About Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla and the Myth of the Lone Inventor

The Cult of Nikola Tesla

Making Nikola Tesla a Saint Makes Us All Dumber

Nikola Tesla: The Guy Who DIDN'T “Invent Radio”

A scientist telling a pro-Nazi propagandist about his support for selective breeding. Now that's pretty interesting! Nikola Tesla the Eugenicist: Eliminating Undesirables by 2100 Read more:

TED talk on Tesla:

Tesla Timeline

Geek History pages:

Nikola Tesla the legacy of the most interesting geek in the world

Nikola Tesla versus Thomas Edison and the search for the truth

George Westinghouse used Tesla power to defeat Edison in Currents War

Guru 42 pages:

Why is the world so damn obsessed with geek folk hero Nikola Tesla

Questy pages:

FBI conspiracy theories and the lost files of Nikola Tesla #Myths #Legends

What's behind the cult following for Nikola Tesla? #Myths #Legends

Questy explores scams and hoaxes and stories behind conspiracy theories #Myths #Legends

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